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Office Phone Repair Charlotte, NC - Salisbury, Winston-Salem  Office Phone Repair  Office Phone Repair in Charlotte provided by Atlantic Business Systems (ABS) offering Office Phone Repair, Upgrades, and new Phone Installations. We offer Small Business Phones Systems Such as Line Telephone Systems, Cloud Phone Systems, as well as Hybrid Phone Systems. Office Phone Repair (877) 272-8292 Serving 37 States We support Many Major Small Business Phone Systems: Nortel Repair, Avaya Repair, Lucent Repair, Toshiba Strata Repair, Panasonic Telephone Repair, Telephone Wiring Charlotte, Telephone Cabling Charlotte, Cloud Phone Systems Charlotte. We know that offices and businesses rely on their office phone system to conduct daily business and service their clients and customers. We provide the support for telephone systems that you need to keep your organization functioning properly today. Telephone System Repair Charlotte
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Telecommunications Expands its Social Profile

 Telecommunications Contractor A.B.S expands its social media profile with a new Facebook page that is going to share important information about the telecom industry, office phone systems, Business Phone Systems, and more.  Small Business Telephone Systems Cloud Phone Systems Telephone Wiring Visit - Atlantic Business Systems North Carolina or our Website A.B.S  Telecommunications Business Phone Repair We offer: Avaya Repair Business Phone Repair Nortel Repair Toshiba Strata Repair

ABS aquires Virginia Beach Telecom

 As its hard to find highly skilled rare techs who work on older phone systems, ABS acquires Virginia Beach Telecom a local leader in Business Phone Repair     If your looking for reliable professional telecommunications technicians then consider ABS.  We know your office relies on your Small Business Phone System.   We provide both diagnostic and repair services for your office phone system. As well as IP Cameras and telephone wiring.  Diagnose  and  Repair Business Phone Systems Repair your Vodavi Phone System Install Jacks and add Telephone Stations Program or Reprogram Phone System Move or Relocate Vodavi Phone Systems Install additional Phone Equipment Add Extensions and/or Equipment Add Wireless Headsets Add Wireless Handsets Add or Repair Voicemail Systems Repair Bad internal wiring Visit our Business Phone System Repair   Facebook Page and get social with us!  We are here to help with Brands like:  Avaya Repair, Lucent Repair, Comdial Repair, Nortel Repair, Norstar Repair, Pana

Telecommunications Contractors in Virginia Beach & Richmond

 TelcomPBX a Division of ABS, expands its dispatch centers and expands in Virginia.  Since 1991 Offices and businesses have relied on ABS for Business Phone Systems repairs, upgrades, and Installations.  Learn more about us today.  Avaya Repair  Avaya Partner was a workhorse of Business Phone Systems  See our listings -  Telecommunication Contractors  Office Phone Systems  packed with features to help your company become more efficient, mobile, and productive. As a leader in Business Phone Systems, we offer cloud-hosted phone systems, traditional on-site systems, hybrid phone systems as well as repair existing phone systems. We understand how important your  office phone system  is to your business and how stressful phone problems can be.  From the first point of contact, all the way through scheduling and delivery of products and services we provide a “frustration-free” customer service experience. We service a wide array of  PBX  systems  We look forward to being your “ telephone re

From Telegraph to Telephone The invention

 You may find this hard to believe but when Alexander Graham Bell Set out he was not trying to discover the business telephone.  Given how dependant people had become on the telegraph to send text messages there was a need to figure out how to put more than one message on the same set of wires to speed up the process.    Bell stumbled upon the phone and its ability to do voice transmission during his discovery and over the years you can see how it evolves and why.   The first phone was more or less a candlestick and required humans to make every call connection.   As advancements occurred you see how Bell Labs later Lucent Telephone later create a switch to do this with humans.                                                                          Telephones Over the years Lucent Telephone ( AT&T) and Later Avaya invent many amazing phone systems.  The telegraph was great for Governments, Businesses, and the average person.  Today more than ever businesses rely on their phone sys

10 Things Invented at Bell Labs AT&T you did not know about

 You might be surprised to discover just how many things Alexander Graham Bells Laboratories invented that we use without thought of whom invented them....  1st and the most amazing was Bell's contributions to the aircraft industry. Bell co-founded the Aerial Experiment Association (AEA) with his wife, Mabel, in the fall of 1907. This dynamic team consisted of six people, including Mabel, the first woman in history to propose, establish, and fund a research group. Aside from the revolutionary invention of the telephone Bell Labs later called Lucent did not just invent the telephone but many other amazing products.  Did you know that Bell Labs (AT&T) Invented UNIX operating system?  Unix is clearly one of the major forces in industry today with everything from Servers to smartphones powered in part by Unix.   Things change at Warp Speed and the innovation at AT&T / Bell Labs was no stranger to incredible things such as they invented Motion Pictures so that distraction of a

The Man who began it all

  Alexander Graham Bell,  a teacher of the deaf was on a quest to help people who could not hear find a new way.    Bell, had sought a way to transmit speech electronically. He invented the  telephone  in March 1876. The earliest design of a telephone was rather simple compared to anything we have today.   The earliest telephones had only one wire for transmitting and receiving of audio and used a ground with a return path. The earliest dynamic telephones also had only one opening (Cavity) for sound, and the user listened and spoke into the same hole. Over the years Bell refined his telephone and helped build a network.  At first, it was a luxury of the elite and wealthy. Thus the telecom tax to pay for World War I was placed on the early phone network and still continues to this day.    In 1925, Bell realized he needed to grow his organization and build a team.  Thus in Alexander Graham Bell founded Bell Labs a  joint effort of the Western Electric Research Laboratory and part of AT&a